The name is, legally, Holly, but nowadays I go by Hollin. I hail from Lincoln, Nebraska – home of humidity, corn, and yes, the Huskers.

I’m a senior who is majoring in English Literature and minoring in Library Information Management. After graduation this December, I plan to return to my hometown, where I’ll work until I figure out graduate school. My career plan is to become a public librarian. I’d be more than content with being a general, common¬†librarian, but I also think that I’d like to settle into a specialty and work¬†with Youth.

My interests include: robots (obviously), post-apocalyptic settings, writing, art, and food.
I’m a writer of the fictional prose variety, but I dabble in poetry from time to time (kudos to you if you’ve located my poetry blog).

On this site, you can look forward to me trying to be witty and trying my hand at blogging after – goodness, what has it been? – a three year hiatus?

Well, anyways, here goes everything.

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