Daily Creates – Week 4

1. Create a (stop-motion) video story with children’s toys and/or cut out drawings

2. Pick one animal photo and write the back story

Before I get to the story I just want to say that this is, without a doubt, the best lizard I have ever seen. 13/10.


3. It’s 11/22/2016 (or 22/11/2016) Do something with double (or half) numbers

With two of us, either our productivity has doubled or our procrastination has.

4. Make a panorama photo of two photos from different places

Above and below the same hills.

5. Create the self help book you think we all need.

Made with Canva

6. Write a short story about an ocean at the end of your backyard…


7. Illustrate making a choice today with a photo.

A finals snack — aka the choice between good and evil.

(I ate both)


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