Making My Way…Walking Fast

Since I couldn’t think of a good featured image, here’s a fluffy cat I drew and slapped a filter over.

This past week on my Independent Learning Project, I’ve focused a little bit on learning to take better care of myself while I throw myself into my work (my work habits themselves shall be examined at another time).

I actually sat at my desk, with my drawing tablet placed on a smaller, lap-desk that I situated between the desk and myself. It worked rather well: I wasn’t hunched over and I didn’t find myself growing uncomfortable as quickly. I still worked for what were most likely too long of consecutive periods, but this time I listened to my body and got up and moved occasionally, and I even took a walk before dinner, when I knew I couldn’t keep sitting and working anymore.

It was nice to get out of my room and exercise. It’s obviously a baby step towards building more healthy work habits, but sometimes that’s just what you’ve gotta start with, otherwise you’ll fall over and hurt yourself.

Who knew trying to make a game would be turn into practicing self-care?

This week, in a great little segue I didn’t intend, I worked on learning how to make my sprite walk. I managed to get three of the four directions down, although I’m not happy with two of the three and will end up redoing them.

As you can see, the left/right actions don’t exactly look like she’s lifting one of her legs in a step like she does in the down action, and to me it makes the motion look and feel sluggish. The up walking action has yet to be set up, but I finally included the action of facing away. I’m not sure how to make the action for walking up (away), but that’s what I’ll be learning this week. I’d also like to learn a bit more complicated actions, as well as get around to designing a starting background so she’s not just walking around a gray screen. That means I’m going to be practicing pixel art, and I’m excited because I love that style.

Which means watching a lot of videos like this:

Because pixel art is not my forte. I lean more towards the cartoon-y end of the spectrum, and that does not include landscapes or backgrounds; I’ve only practiced characters are far as pixel-style art goes.

A clear picture of our protagonist.

I could also stand to view a few more animation tutorials, and learn more about simplifying my designs.

It works out great that I’m also taking an Intro to Drawing class this semester, because I’ve been able to pick up and apply various tools from that class. For example, this week we watched this video:

The biggest takeaway from this video is this:

Exercise based on your flaws.

This ties in with concepts such as: getting out of one’s comfort zone (but not getting entirely out of one’s depth), and understanding that making mistakes and un-perfect creations is all part of the creative learning process. It means being able to constantly challenge oneself, because there’s always some new skill or technique to learn or to improve. And how wonderful that is!

So, that’s where I’m at this week, moving into this next week: embracing all my many flaws.

How can you “exercise based on your flaws” for your project this week?

2 thoughts on “Making My Way…Walking Fast

    1. Thanks! Sometimes it’s those little actions that are the hardest to remember. But it just takes some time and perseverance to form them into habits. 🙂


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